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The Beatty Town Advisory Board Meeting will be held in the Senior Center, Tuesday, March 26th at 7:00 PM.  This is due to construction at the Community Center.   The construction is ahead of schedule.  Swing by the Center and take a look.

Voting for County Commissioners "AT LARGE" will be on the November ballot. This is very important to our future representation on the commission.




Angelo Senary sent the following good news:

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Community Programs & Projects


Description of Project or Program

Status: Comments:
Nye County Commissioner *


  1. Approved tentative R&PP Lease
  2. Working on legal description of R&PP lease
  3. Don Watson, researching EDA Grant for Beatty Downtown Revitalization
  4. Approved grant to fund Beatty High School "Close Up" trip to Washington DC
  5. Scheduled to approve alternate member to sit on EDEN board
  1. Waiting for Architectural Design/plan for review
  2. Waiting for decision from BTB on modified request
  3. Approved request
  4. No status

5. Commissioner to post on Agenda to approve appointed alternate board member to EDEN board. Should take place 3/5/02

  1. BTB approved amended resolution for 6,4,00 acres instead of the initial 9,300 on 11/29/01
  2. No comment
  3. No comment
  4. No comment

5. Bert Gray and JR Schultz have been elected as alternates to the EDEN board.

Beatty Town Advisory Board *


  1. Received grant for Beatty downtown sidewalks
  2. Approved new addition to Community Center
  3. Approved creation of Beatty Task Force
  4. Approved partnership of NV Economic Dev. Workshop, BCC etc.,
  5. Approved needs assessment from UNR Extension Office & host needs assess. Workshop
  6. Town board approved $21,000 to fund the medical needs in Beatty. Approved 2/26/02
  1. Awaiting date of construction
  2. Received architectural bids
  3. Had first meeting 10/01
  4. Meeting was held 11/1-2/01
  5. Meeting held 11/20/01
  6. Town Board approved to fund $21,000, for our medical needs. It was stated that the remaining amount was to be Amargosa Valley’s responsibility.

1. no comment

  1. Awaiting approval from County Commission pending town funds
  2. No comment
  3. No comment
  1. Few people attended from Beatty
  2. Recreational land use meeting was hot issue no decision was made

  3. The Medical contract is with Nevada Rural Health. It is an annual contract.
Beatty Habitat Committee *


  1. Approved a legal description of Habitat trail system 6/01 of 9,300 acres
  2. Received approval from RC&D to sponsor Habitat Project, falls under non-profit 501c3 status
  3. Continued grant research
  4. Possibly project will be funded by EDA grant of 3 million
  5. Shirley Harlan created an informational brochure. The first draft will be presented to the committee on 3/7/02
  6. A decision was made to review the Preliminary Draft Management Plan for the Habitat Project. A committee of 3 members was designated to review with the Beatty Town Board members.
  1. Modified R&PP lease request to 6,300 acres per town board amendment to resolution
  2. No status report
  1. BEDC will receive partial funds from EDA grant some monies may be given to Habitat Project for Information center
  2. No status report
  1. Shirley Harlan has asked Dr. Marble to help format with a professional finish.
  2. No status report
  1. Modified 11/29/01
  2. No comment
  3. No comment
  4. No comment
  5. No comment
  6. No comment
Beatty Task Force *



  1. Working on BLM disposable land by the airport
  2. Adopted mission statement
  3. A meeting was held 2/25/02, however there was not quorum for a meeting. In discussion zoning and the shooting range was discussed.
  1. No status report
  2. Town board approved mission statement.
  3. The Nevada Silver Shooters submitted a letter to the Beatty Task Force.
  1. no comments
  2. no comments
  3. no comments
Beatty Economic Development Corporation *


  1. Working with Alpha Spectrum to relocate
  2. Continued work on auto test track




  4. Approached & researching energy company relocating to Beatty
  5. Approached & researching a glider company relocating to Beatty
  6. Working with DVNP on Barrick land exchange
  7. Working on EDA grant for Water infrastructure & general engineering at Barrick & airport properties
  8. Received EDA grant of 3 million, some will go toward infrastructure
  9. Anomaly Enterprises to open small business in Beatty
  10. EMS Automotive Engineering services currently has contracted to test vehicles in and around Beatty and DVNP.
  11. Phoenix Metals, Inc expressed interest in Beatty area.
  12. NV Solar Ventures expressed interest in the Beatty area.
  13. MDE International Testing program
  14. A Home Health Care Provider is moving into town. They are looking into moving into the old dentist office.
  15. BEDC has become members of the "Marketing NV Airport Managers Association"
  1. The owners purchased private property by airport. Awaiting closing date
  2. On going



  1. Energy company looking at Barrick property
  2. Nye County Commissioners

approved glider club proposal 12/04/01

5. On going

6. On going

7. Award tentatively to receive 4/02

  1. Owner purchased property, and is in process of remodeling building. He has applied for a prototype license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, to start building new weapons of his own design.
  2. Will be starting operation in the spring. Advertised to hire 15 people
  3. Phoenix Metals are looking at Barrick Bullfrog facilities for fuel cell manufacturing plant.
  4. A Boulder City based company interested in solar power production and manufacturing projects out by Beatty airport.
  5. Meet with committee to explore the possibility of opening automotive testing program
  6. No status report
  7. Nye County Commissioner, Joanne Easley, also sits on this board.
  1. Should be breaking ground in early spring. Awaiting letters from BW&S district and VE, awaiting USDA approval of loan.
  2. No comments
  3. No comments
  4. No comments

  6. no comments
  7. no comments
  8. no comments
  1. If owners finished product receives governmental approval & is feasible, the manufacturing process will take place in Beatty.
  2. Awaiting corporate decision to move facility in May 2002
  3. Under negotiation
  4. Under exploratory research
  5. Under exploratory research
  6. No comments
  7. Bert Gray attended a two-day convention in Pahrump. This association represents all areas of Nevada.
Beatty Chamber of Commerce *


  1. Completed Tourism Assessment plan
  2. Working on Tourism Bus. Plan Phase II
  3. Working with Nye County on CDBG grant, for downtown revitalization
  4. Working with Central NV Rec. Partnership to help promote recreational land use on public lands
  5. Working with BLM to promote Rhyolite & trails
  6. Working with DVNP on visitor stats & trails
  7. Meet with Susan Fink, Deputy Chief for Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt to discuss trail issues
  8. Submitted grant to NCOT to construct 24hr information kiosk
  9. Will be hosting Pioneer Territory Meeting on March 15. Representatives from each community in Pioneer Territory will be present.







  11. Chamber will have a presence at the EDEN retreat to be held in Amargosa Valley at Longstreet.
  12. Made contact with NV state officials, BLM, NPS, and others to discuss our trial issues. A packet of our tourism business plan along with photos, maps of trails, has been submitted to the Lt. Gov. Deputy Assistant, Susan Fink, to be reviewed by the Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt
  13. Information also has been submitted to representatives in Washington, DC to discuss attending a gateway community’s conference.
  1. No status report
  2. Chuck N. and Marina A mapped out various trails to submit to BLM and NFS.
  3. On going
  4. On going
  1. CNRP meeting to identify trails heads in Beatty area
  2. BLM completed Recreational Management Plan 3/01

7. Awaiting information packet from Chamber identifying trails to be submitted to BLM. Will work to speed federal process of approval.

  1. Submitted grant for $12,500 to construct 24-hr kiosk in front of Chamber of Commerce.
  2. A 1900 time period fashion show will be shown during the break time of the meeting.






  4. Retreat is scheduled for February 27 & 28, 2002
  5. Chuck Nozicka has submitted and presented a presentation to the State Officials. He is working closely with BLM, NPS and others to lobby our trails system.
  6. More information as it becomes available.
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comments
  4. no comments
  5. no comments
  6. no comments
  7. no comments
  1. Meeting on January 31, 2002 to set trail priorities. Will also be setting up meeting with Lt. Gov. office, BLM and Chamber to discuss trail issues.
  2. Awaiting grant decision should know in early spring.

  3. Meeting will be held at the Burro Inn starting at 12:00 p.m. 12:30 the fashion show will begin. Kim H. has created the show from her high school days and it has evolved into a career for her.

  5. Will begin at 11:00 am. -9:00 p.m. Bert Gray and JR. Schultz attend the meeting.
  6. No comments
  7. No comments
Beatty General Improvement District
  1. Redeveloping the park with new bathroom facilities
  2. Upgrading ball park
  3. Remodeling the pool
  4. Arena relocated
  5. Submitted grant to NCOT for sidewalks in the Park
  1. Construction has begun 11/01

2. on going

  1. Tar or re-roofing needed on change room areas of pool. Awaiting bid from contractor
  2. On going

5. Submitted grant for project material for the amount of $25,000, BGID will provide in-kind matching with labor.

1. no comment

  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment
  4. Awaiting decision will be announced by early spring.
The Nature Conservancy *


  1. Working on partnership agreement with BHC
  2. Working with UNR to do toad research
  3. Working on soliciting funds and landscape architect to do a pilot project on private property
1. on going
  1. Established field office at site
  2. Announcement will be made to BHC 3/7/02
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment

Bureau of Land Management *


  1. Created map of critical area of concern for Amargosa Toad.
  2. Managed Burro population to preserve toad habitat
  3. Tagged and counted toads
  4. Amargosa River bed clean up of
  5. Tamarisk, hosted crayfish catching contest
  6. Assisting with R&PP Lease
  7. Approval to refurbish Railroad Depot in Rhyolite
  8. NDOW is taking lead in Habitat Projects, in partnership with TNC, etc., such as submission of surveys
  9. Tamarisk removal, will be an on-going project
  10. Desert Tortoise Programmatic consultation with US Fish and Wildlife Services – Action is a 10 year plan for majority and multiple-use authorization on public lands with desert tortoise habitat
  11. Continued work and ACEC plan-amendment -
  1. Awaiting decision from BTB and BHC for habitat management plan
  2. On going
  3. On going
  1. Tagged and counted toads 2001 with help from UNLV students
  2. Clean up of Tamarisk delayed possibly November or December 2001
  1. Entering into agreement with DVNP to help defray costs.
  2. No status report
  3. On going
  4. On going
  1. This project will streamline the approval process for other projects.

11. On going project

  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment
  4. no comment
  5. no comment
  6. no comment
  7. no comment
  8. no comment
  9. no comment
  10. no comment
  11. no comment
Beatty His. Soc. & Museum *


  1. Received grant of $5,000 from 3% room tax for historical mining equipment, shelves, exhibit cases and minor repair
  2. Working on Research center since 8/01 that will be on going until completion. The center will contain an audiovisual center, research library, children’s hands on educational center, and archive room, and an outdoor museum, that will be a self-guided tour.
  1. Unknown date as to when items will be on display
  2. The museum has been receiving antique collections from everywhere. They are looking to expand the building to be able to display all the artifacts.
  1. no comment
  2. Looking to approach Nye County Commissions for a donation to continue their plans.
Beta Mu Woman Sorority *



  1. Hosting Rhyolite Jamboree 2002
  2. Contracted with roofing company to temporarily re-roof the bottle house 2000
  3. Upon request providing living history tours of train depot, bottle house and town site.
  4. Hosted and will host future Ride for America Sigma Beta Phi Fraternity and puppet show.
  5. Supported the Cinderella Girls to attend the National Contest 2001
  6. Supported Beatty High School Cheerleaders 2001
  7. Received grant from NCOT for Rhyolite brochures
  1. To be held April 02 all encouraged to attend.
  2. Completed no status report
  1. Partnered with Friends of Rhyolite on project
  2. No status to report
  3. No status to report
  4. No status to report




  1. Received grant to help promote Rhyolite Jamboree, and area, brochures are in distribution.
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment
  4. Need more information
  5. No comment
  6. No comment






7. no comment

Beatty Water & Sanitation District
  1. Working with Beatty Economic Development Corp on water infrastructure and needs for airport property
  2. Working with Alpha Spectrum & Private owners to upgrade water lines to airport
  3. The BW&S district received an award for wellhead protection.
  4. Exploring the idea of leasing 50 acres ft of water to Nevada Science Technical Corridor in Lathrop Wells
  1. no status to report
  2. no status to report
  3. no status on report
  4. Only in the exploratory phases no decision has been made.
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment
Friends of Rhyolite *


  1. Has display of historical items at Beatty Museum
  2. Partnered with Beta Mu to re-roof bottle house 2000
  3. Museum has received historical artifacts from a Las Vegas private collector. A building has been donated by NAPA and should be starting the construction this spring.
  1. no status to report
  2. no status to report
  3. no status to report
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment
Boy & Cub Scouts
  1. Received grant money food supplements for families in need.
  2. Sold wreaths during holiday season for fundraiser
  1. no status to report
  2. no status to report
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
Little League      
Health & Welfare
  1. Dr. Raj Vadali moved to NJ to be closer to her husband. Replacement Dr. in full swing.
1. Our new Dr. has settled in. The PA from Amargosa Valley, Jim Albert, is moving, date unknown at this time. 1. no comments
Lions Club
  1. Had their annual turkey shoot
  2. Hosting their annual HS scholarship for the best essay
  1. no status to report
  2. 4 Beatty students are submitting their essays for scholarship consideration.
  1. no comment
  2. They will need an audience to read their essays. It will be a critiquing process to help the students develop their essays.
Shooters Club
  1. Lease on land has been established, and found it was good until 2012.
  2. Possibility of a secondary shooting range
  1. BGID does not oversee the range- corrected
  2. No status to report
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
Fire Depart
  1. Continued fire training programs
1. no status to report

1. Training meetings are held each month

Ambulance Depart
  1. Hosting Basic Life Support Course 10/01

  3. Rectifying Basic/Intermediate EMT’s
  4. EMS CEU State approved training course
  1. All participants are from Beatty, with plans to run on service
  2. On going

3. On going training program

  1. no comments

  3. no comments
  4. Training meeting held one day a month
Beatty Schools
  1. Senior Class going to Wash. DC for Close up.
  1. Students looking holding fundraisers, earning money for trip

1. Nye County Commissioners approved funding for Beatty HS students to attend Close Up in Washington, DC, also BCofC will be providing a local medallion for the students to exchange with other students while in DC

Beatty Library *


  1. Celebrating Black History Month in February
  2. Will host garden display –Feb 25
  3. Channel 10 will be in Beatty for a writers workshop for kids from 2:30-3:30
  4. Hosting Women’s History Display –March
  5. Hosting National Poetry Month Display –April
  6. Free computer classes for pre-schooler's and their parents
  1. no status report
  2. no status report
  3. no status report
  4. no status report
  5. no status report
  6. no status report
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment
  4. no comment
  5. no comment
  6. no comment
Open Air Museum in Rhyolite, Nevada



  1. Incorporated non-profit 501c3 status in 2000
  1. Their mission is to provide preservation, interpretation and promotion to further cultural activities. President is Suzanne Hackett
  2. Received their 501c3 status 4/01
  1. Eager to work with locals, museums, tourism to help promote and educate about Rhyolite, and Open Air Museum. Willing to do pro-bono work on grants
  2. Susan Hackett got transferred to work in the Clark County Library District; she will begin Feb 19th, 2002.
UNR Cooperative. Extension Office *


1.Hosted community needs workshop 11/20/01
  1. Created 4H club 10/01
  2. Hosted Nye County Economic Development Summit in Beatty
  1. no status report
  2. no status report
  3. Partnered with NV Science & Technology Corridor, the meetings will be held quarterly
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. Hosted a wonderful Nye County summit where each community presented Economic Development projects. At this meeting the owner of the Donut Factory announced she will relocate her business to Indian Springs.
Death Valley National Park
  1. Completed Final Environmental Impact Statement & General Management Plan
  2. Working with Locals for housing needs for DV employees
  3. DV Rangers have participated in our Trail system projects
  1. The copy can be viewed at the Beatty Yucca Mountain Science Center
  2. Have contacted Beatty Apt. and have toured facility
  3. They have also offered their help on grant writing
  1. no comment
  2. no comment
  3. no comment


* A link to each organization with a web site has been added for your convenience.